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He identified plants. It was recognised at species level, as P. them with P. , by Sojåk (1986) who considered to be widely distributed in Greenland considered it to have its origin in the hybrid P. and the Canadian Arctic. He also mentioned P. nivea subsp. nivea x pu/chella (or rather P. ) Ostenf. from Svalbard, as strata Rottb. subsp. floeeosa Sojåk x pulehella in most probably a northern arctic variety (var. are­ the nomenelature of Sojåk 1989). ) of P. rubrieaulis. Thus P. rubrieaulis of origin is strongly doubted by us.

O) in the Isfjorden area. Resvoll­ rubricaulis as originating from hybrid(s) between Dieset made the following note on the label (our P. ) Juz. (P. hookeriana auet. ), a species widely distributed from between P. pulehella and nilJea f. subquinata". "Probably an intermediate form northeastern Russia through Siberia and North The three other specimens were determined b y Ameriea, but lacking in the North Atlantic area, Sojak t o P . and the American and northeast Asian P. bimun­ determination dorum Sojak.

Flowering is rare in Fennoseandian plants, frequent in Svalbard plants, but development of seeds has not been proved. The plants reproduee by fragmented sto­ lons dispersed by ocean eurrents and possibly by birds. 42, Rønning 1961), = 14, Love & Love 1975) or to belong to the otherwise hexaploid P. capillaris gro up A polyploid eomplex in whieh the Svalbard and and plants = whereas P. ev 1984) from which the Svalbard plant is c\early different. Pending further investigations we accept the speeies.

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