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With entries on every thing from Manu to Gandhi and the Ramesvaram to the Himalayas, this can be a useful reference publication.

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One of the four sites for the KUMBHAMELA held every twelve years (the others being HARDWAR, UJJAINÏ and Nasik). altar Public Vedic sacrifices were offered on an altar, called VEDI. The fully developed ŸRAUTA (2) sacrifice, performed by professional priests, required three altars: a circular gärhapatya altar in the west (symbolizing the earth and fire), a quadratic ahavanïya altar in the east (symbolizing the sky and its four directions) and a semicircular dak•ina altar in the south (symbolizing the atmosphere between earth and heaven).

Bharata (2) An ancient king who, while living as a SAMNYÄSI, became attached to a fawn and was reborn as a deer. In a further rebirth as a brahmin he served as palanquin bearer and amazed the king with his wisdom. Bharata (3) Son of Daÿaratha by his wife Kaikeyï; half-brother of Räma, he ruled the country during Räma’s absence on his behalf. Bharata (4) The son of Du•yanyta and Ÿakuntalä, who became a universal monarch: India was called Bhärata-var•a after him. He was a remote ancestor of both PÄŒ¥AVAS and KAURAVAS.

The fact that most arts were practised by members of special castes provided India with a large pool of skilled hereditary artists and craftsmen. The fine arts in the modern Western sense, such as painting, sculpture, composing, playing instruments, singing, dancing and performing on the stage were cultivated at all levels. In both the residence towns of Indian rulers and in small towns and villages one can often find exquisite temples, beautiful sculptures and highly skilled craftsmen. Many Hindu housewives in the south decorate the entrance to their homes every morning with beautiful coloured patterns made with riceflower (raögolï), and the daily rituals of worship performed by ordinary men before the IMAGE of the god in their homes are a sophisticated form of art.

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