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With \tolerance = 10000 there will never be overfull boxes or slugs. The default is \tolerance = 200. 29 TEXbook: 29 A TEX intro (Canadian spelling) Section 3: The shape of things to come The width of the slug is determined by the control word \overfullrule. Including \overfullrule = 0 pt in your file will delete any further printing of the slugs. The overfull boxes will still be there, of course, and they will probably be harder to spot. So we see why overfull boxes and underfull boxes are reported; we can also change the reporting by changing the values of \badness, \hfuzz, and \tolerance.

9 Matrices Matrices are typeset using combinations of the alignment character & and the control word \cr to indicate the end of the line. Start with $$\pmatrix{. }$$. Into the space between the braces go the rows of the matrix, each one ended by \cr. The entries are separated by the &. $$ gives as printed output a b c b a c+d  0 0 a+b 0 0 ab   d c − d . a−b cd The matrix entries in our examples have all been centred within their columns with a little space on each side. They can be made flush right or flush left by inserting \hfill before or after the entry.

44 A TEX intro (Canadian spelling) Section 5: No math anxiety here! 30 Use a matrix construction to typeset |x| = x x≥0 −x x ≤ 0 This exercise and more general constructions of this type may also be typeset using the \cases macro. Sometimes ellipses are used within matrices. The control words \cdots, \vdots, and \ddots can be used to insert horizontal, vertical, and diagonal dots. Thus we can use $$ \left [ \matrix{ aa & \cdots & az \cr \vdots & \ddots & \vdots \cr za & \cdots & zz \cr } \right ] $$ to get as printed output  aa · · · az  ...

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