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By Tony McMahon (Vessantara)

A consultant to the Deities of the Tantra is an engaging perception right into a topic that has captivated the mind's eye of many yet is still mysterious and unique to all yet a few.

Tantric deities? who're they and what do they do?

This quantity makes a speciality of the deities whose mantra recitation and colourful visualizations lie on the middle of the Tantra. We meet goddesses of knowledge, the prince of purity, the lotus-born guru Padmasambhava, and dakinis— wild-haired ladies who dance within the flames of freedom. All, the peaceable and the wrathful alike, urge the reader to wreck via to knowledge, declaring the real nature of fact with uncompromising vigor.

Devoid of popular culture misperceptions, this advisor is a window into the occasionally mysterious international of Buddhist Tantra. Vessantara explores the major features of the Tantra during this magical fusion of the sensible and the imaginative—giving us an immediate perception in into the poetry and the facility of the Tantra.

A much-published and well-respected Buddhist writer, meditator, and instructor, Vessantara is a senior member of the Western Buddhist Order. He holds a selected love for Tibetan Buddhism and is famous as a good storyteller. this can be certainly one of 3 volumes taking a look at Buddha figures within the Indo-Tibetan Buddhist tradition.

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Behind him to one side is a basket, a container representing the nourishment of the spiritual food of the Tripitaka (the 'three baskets' of the sutras, the vinaya, and the abhidharma). In some representations he is given Tantric attributes, holding a vajra and skull cup, and with an adept's staff held at his left side. Padmasambhava next manifests as Guru Sakya Senge ('lion of the Sakyas') or as Sakyamuni himself. In this form he appears in the way that Sakyamuni is usually represented: holding a begging-bowl, wearing the three yellow monastic robes, and golden yellow in complexion.

Around the turban is a diadem in which part of a wish-fulfilling gem can be seen. He sits relaxed in the posture of royal ease, holding a small Tantric double drum, known as a damaru, in his right hand, and a mirror in his left. His body is red in colour. Another similar form appears, this time with natural skin colouring. He too wears royal attire and holds the damaru in his right hand. In his left he usually has a skull cup. In his belt is uphurba, a kind of magic dagger. 53 A Guide to the Deities of the Tantra This is much used in Nyingma Tantric ritual.

Beneath these he wears a blue robe. Blue was the royal colour in ancient India. It became associated with the Tantra, as it incorporated much of the symbolism of royalty into its ritual. For example, we have seen that the Tantric initiation procedure in which the initiate is sprinkled with water from an initiation vase by the guru parallels the ceremony of anointing a king. So the blue robe which Padmasambhava wears, most hidden and closest to his heart, symbolizes the Vajrayana. He wears Tibetan-style boots, and sits totally relaxed, his left foot tucked up, his right resting at a loose angle.

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