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B. The creation of multilingual databases by official bodies which, even though they are aimed at meeting the needs of a specific organization, have become a point of reference for various countries and favour international exchange. In this respect eurodicautom, the data bank of the European Union, stands out because of its important role in Europe. c. The creation of networks for cooperation among countries with the same language or programs for collaboration among countries with similar characteristics and whose terminological work is directed towards attaining similar goals.

We conclude that terminology is an interdisciplinary field of enquiry whose prime object of study are the specialized words occurring in natural language which belong to specific domains of usage. Finally, considering that terminology is the result of the intersection between an interdisciplinary field 33 linguistics and the other disciplines from which it takes its terms we have yet a third angle from which the subject can be studied. Consequently, there is no single scientific approach to terminology, but several.

In practice, however, even within a single subject, we note that a single form can be related to more than one meaning. Wüster’s model of the sign, originally inspired by Ogden and Richards’ (1923) triangle, illustrates the three dimensions of the term as a sign and shows the relationships that terminology deals with: an interdisciplinary field B A meaning symbol B1 B2 b1 a1 and a2 A1 and A2 A B B1 and B2 b1 and b2 41 b2 A1 A2 a1 a2 represent individual objects in reality are the individual concepts representing a1 and a2 is the abstract concept representing A1 and A2 is the concept of the symbolic representation of A are the individual abstract representations of a phonetic or graphic form are the individual phonetic representations of B1 and B2 This diagram of the term, showing its referential, conceptual and symbolic dimension, allows us to identify three basic aspects of terminology: the cognitive aspect, the linguistic aspect, and the communicative aspect.

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