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Evidence disappeared. The Sheriff’s office said they couldn’t make the charge stick with no physical evidence tying the four to the scene. That was the last straw. The McKinneys left central Florida. Before they left for good, they had a meeting at the vault. They put together a long range plan. It sounded good on paper but who would remember the details over the next seven years? Then Mike said he couldn’t follow through with the plan. He couldn’t do it and wouldn’t be a party to it. He was defeated before they even had a chance to get started.

But William Hammerick didn't take any chances or spare any expense. He built the vault and felt secure knowing that it was there if he and his wife needed it. 1984 When they first looked into buying the grove, they'd noticed the overgrown trail that led to the center of the grove. When the oldest brother asked where the trail led, the real estate agent, Jimmy Pitman, said that it led to an old storage bin that wasn't used anymore. That got his curiosity up and he wanted to know more about it. Jimmy Pitman shrugged his shoulders and gave a head motion to follow him.

You're a Yankee. " "Dell, you always told me there's nothing but transplanted Yankees down there. " The statement rang with sarcasm, though Pat had no real malice toward Dell. Dell was a skinny guy and only about Pat’s height. He walked slightly hunched over and his cheeks and eyes appeared sunken. He looked like he was starving but he always ate plenty before he came on watch. Dell always looked like he needed to shave. Pat and Dell had this ongoing friendly feud of words for as long as he could remember.

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