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By Ernest T. Abdel-Massih

This quantity has seven sections that care for phonology, the numerical method, pronominal structures, the noun, debris, the verb, and sentences. it's designed for use with "A path in Spoken Tamazight" (Ernest T. Abdel-Massih).

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It's Aly's. ) Whose horse is in front of the door? My uncle's. ) My aunt's. 2 tinw tins tin:m tins Feminine (object possessed, s. ) theirs (in) theirs (f ) Whose house is this? ) Whose house is that over there with the two green windows? My uncle's. ) My aunt's. ) tent your (f Iso) tent his tent her tent our tent your (m p )tent your (f p) tent their (in) tent their (f) tent 37. PmcN Reference---- GAmmr-am-zi ti funa sin tifunasin ti funasin tifunasin t ifuna sin t i fan as in ti fun as in ti funasin n:s ns n: y n:k nt nsnt your (P.

It discusses Personal Pronouns, Independent Possessive Pronouns and Suffixed Possessive Pronouns used in association with objects and those used in association with kinship terms, Pronominal Affixes for verbs and prepositions, Demonstrative Pronouns, Relative Pronouns, and Indefinite Pronouns. Since this is an area where there is considerable difference between the two dialects, the student will find ample examples at the end of this section showing the differences between the two dialects under the heading Notes on the Pronominal System in Ayt Seghrouchen.

1. a-L3 -V L0 kJr:1 I C. s. (rn/f) I nvariable Examples: hdaevs war:yal 11 rials hdas ntfanast11cw ts~ta w~a~yal19 rials tsqbta's ntfhnast 19 cows D. s. (m/f) :I invariable Examples: st:a wrin 1:qil 26 boys tmanya utlatin ntad:art 38 houses tsq my:a uxmsa usbqin l:eil 975 boys alf ust:a ust:in ntad:art 1066 houses Remarks: (1) The apocopated series / tlt, rbc, xms, st:, sb', tmn, ts/ is used in the following constructs: sbq snin 7 years rbq my:a 400 sbe alaf 7,000 tlt mlayn 3,000,000 (2) The numerals 11-19 have two forms.

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