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2-a. This enabled the dishes to be prepared conventionally in the kitchen of the university training restaurant to the same specification as the commercial sous vide recipe. 2-a. Colour photographs of the commercially produced product in the manufacturer's sales literature were used as a guide for presentation of the conventionally prepared dishes and reheated sous vide dishes. The sous vide versions were collected at the beginning of the week of service from the manufacturer and transported in an insulated box packed with ice.

Attributes on the restaurant table such as topography, neatness, quantity, harmony and emphasis can adversely affect the acceptability of the meal if not appropriate, whatever the sensory quality of single meal components (Eckstein 1982). The acceptability of one food could be partially determined by which foods were also eaten, particularly important for prepared packaged meals (Meiselman 1996a). In the free-choice environment, the main dish showed the largest effect on overall meal acceptability (Hedderley and Meiselman 1995).

Berlyne (1973) quotes Aristotle as writing 'where there is pain and pleasure, there is necessarily also desire' and' desire is an impulse towards what is pleasant'. Aristotle is also quoted (Solomon 1993) as defining emotion 'as that which leads one's condition to become so transformed that his judgement is affected, and which is accompanied by pleasure and pain'. In the nineteenth century Spencer linked pleasure to Darwin's theory of evolution as 'a correlative of actions conducive to its (the organism's) welfare' (Berlyne 1973; Solomon 1993).

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