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Letters from Forest Place: a plantation family's correspondence, 1846-1881

It is a marvelously fascinating selection of letters written over a interval of thirty years by means of contributors of the Thomas A. Watkins family members of Carroll County, Mississippi. The correspondence presents an intimate inspect actions within the family of wooded area position in the course of a interval of serious propserity and a interval of decline.

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Demanded Linda. ‘Pack it in, both of you,’ said Tommy. ’ Linda tossed her head. Tommy knew he had nettled her by sending his regards to Brede. ‘Let’s go,’ he said. As they came down the street they saw the shape of Mrs Mullet outlined in her lit doorway. ’ ‘That’ll make her stop to think,’ said Sadie. ’ Linda flew at Sadie. Tommy separated them. ’ He cursed Sadie under his breath. She had the devil in her at times. Mrs Mullet crossed the street. ’ ‘Nothing, Mrs Mullet,’ said Tommy. ‘We were just coddin’, Mrs Mullet,’ said Sadie with false sweetness in her voice.

Her mother was still sitting in the kitchen mending. She looked up with a sock in her hand as Brede came in. ‘What’s up? ’ Mrs McCoy nodded. ’ Brede hesitated a moment. She looked at her mother’s tired face and knew that she could not give her anything more to worry about. She would talk to Kevin. ’ ‘No. Not a sign of him. ’ Brede went up to the room that she shared with her three sisters. They were in bed; one was asleep, the other two were playing cards. Brede took a book and sat by the window but she did not read.

She crossed the street. There was no one in sight except for four small boys playing at soldiers. They were wearing khaki anoraks and soldiers’ berets that they had filched somewhere. She went into her own house to tell the story to Mr Mullet. He was reading the greyhound racing results in the evening paper and seemed more interested in them than the treachery of Mrs Jackson. ‘She’s a decent enough woman,’ was all he said. ‘My Gawd, you men! ’ he said mildly, not even lifting his head. ’ Mrs Mullet returned to the doorway where she stood watching the light failing over the street.

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