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The overdue Michael Langford was once essentially the most in demand and acomplished authors of images essays. His works are unmatched of their analitical intensity, specialise in the basic principals and mechanisms in images, but additionally of their critical educational method at the subject.
complicated images including its spouse quantity simple images are for my part actually beneficial resource of good written, instructive info, masking approximately each element of the photographic process.
these days the place there's stifling overabundance of shallow, uninspiring and downright dead "textbooks", that are not able to coach you whatever, complicated images and uncomplicated images stand as general environment, special tutorials. Very hugely recomended.

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The time of exposure should correspond closely with actual photographic practice and must remain constant over long periods of time. In addition to this, the color temperature must be known, must remain constant, and must correspond closely to the quality of light that is likely to be used in practical photography. These qualities allow the test strip to be exposed under conditions as close as possible to those that occur in practical use. When you base sensitivity measurement on a consistent factor that is known, the response of light-sensitive emulsions, under practical conditions, is predictable.

The emulsion latitude of light-sensitive materials varies according to the purpose for which it was designed—from 1:400 or more for long-scale panchromatic film, and from 1:20 or less for process film. For any given emulsion, the emulsion latitude varies according to the contrast. The emulsion latitude decreases as the contrast increases. Log Exposure Range The useful exposure range includes part of both extremities (toe and shoulder) as well as the straight-line section of the curve. For ground pictorial film the useful exposure range of a sensitized material is greater than the emulsion latitude, since portions of the toe and shoulder regions of the curve are used without sacrificing print quality.

OPACITY Opacity is the ability of a medium to absorb light. The two terms, transmission and opacity, are directly opposite in meaning. Opacity is indicated in a 2-4 formula by the capital letter 0 and is the reciprocal of the transmission (T). The formula for opacity is given as follows: O = Amount of incident light Amount of transmitted light You can see that opacity is the transmission formula inverted. Again, when a material has 10 mc of light falling on it and 5 mc is being transmitted, you can determine the opacity by the formula O = 10/5, or 2.

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