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E. , 1935a, 1938, 1939), a term which has since been applied to the same type of estrus in horses (Andrews and McKenzie, 1941). It is an estrus during which the period of sexual receptivity is interrupted by one or more intervals when the copulatory response is not given. The incidence was about 1% in the 1935 study and somewhat higher during the 1939 study, but the difference may have been an artifact because animals in which it recurred were kept for observation over several cycles. The first part of the split estrus is usually but not always shorter than the second.

The extent to which pro-estrous behavior occurs varies greatly from animal to animal, . . " Substantial evidence that this is true was given by Young and Rundlett (1939) in their report of another study in which conspicuous differences in the amount of mounting were shown by spayed females injected repeatedly with estrogen and progesterone. Estrus tends to recur regularly. , 1935a). In a second study, data were obtained from 54 subjects and 665 possible heat periods. , 1939). 13. EFFECTOF MATINGON E s r ~ o u sBEHAVIOR The effect of mating on the length and character of estrus has not received adequate attention.

Mating behavior scores of male guinea pigs during periods of isolation and in a competitive situation. Courtesy of Dr. Walter Riss. Mating experience with females appears to have a reinforcing effect on adult males, particularly in the case of low-score individuals in which the genetically determined developmental potential has not been realized. , 1951), 37 males, 63-174 days old, were given ten 10-minute tests at intervals of 4 days. Between weaning at 25 days of age and the beginning of the tests when each male was isolated, these males (the socially reared males) were confined with other males of the same age.

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