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By Scott E. Germain

Scot Germain's Airbus A340 contains insurance of flight assessments, pilot reviews, FMGS info and newest 500/600 models of this workhorse of the sky. Profusely illustrated with a hundred and sixty b/w images as well as 4 pages of colour images, Airbus A340 is a definitive advent to at least one of the main technologically complex advertisement airplane up to now. certainly, the Airbus A340 was once the 1st airplane to be thoroughly designed on computer.One of the illustrated sequence that takes a technical examine airliners. This quantity explains the A340's inside, cockpits, engineering checks, exploded perspectives, engines, flight platforms, wing and fuselage constitution, and protection structures. Airliner Tech three.

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On the bottom of the screen, the temperature of the cockpit and forward, mid, and aft cabins are shown. Cabin differential psi, altitude, and rate of climb/descent are also displayed. O. CONFIG push button, allowing the crew to test the aircraft configuration before takeoff. The test insures the cabin signs are on, the cabin is ready for takeoff, the spoilers are armed, the flaps are in the takeoff setting, and the autobrakes are set to MAX. O. CONFIG button is pressed. ered by dual ground-power receptacles near the nose gear of the aircraft.

The nose down limit is 150. All pitch limits are displayed on the PPD scale as small green "=" symbols. To prevent stalling, the flight control system incorporates an angle of attack Prot. Taking weight and configuration into account, the AOA limits are indirectly displayed on the PPD airspeed tape as colored vertical bars. They inform the flight crew a critical, low speed area is being entered. "Alpha Prot" is displayed as the upper limit of an amber bar, and signifies the maximum steady-state AOA the aircraft can fly.

U AILERONS -'---' '----~---ELEVATORS Flight control surfaces of the A340. (Airbus) AIRBUS INDUSTRIE AIRBUSA940 51 excessive angle of attack and loss of airspeed have been causative factors in many commercial aircraft accidents, Airbus designed a system to prevent such a scenario. Normal flight control law in the A340 provides control about all three flight axis, flight envelope protection, and maneuver load alleviation. Depending on the phase of flight, the flight control computers provide several different modes of pitch control.

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