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Read or Download Aircraft Hydraulics Manual - Ju-88 A-4 Werkschrift, Teil 9C, [Hydraulische Anlage] PDF

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45 Differentiating eqn. 34) with respect to time f and recalling ‘eqn. 35) we obtain aF 1 aF 1 aF 1 aF - + - - v, + - - v y - -21, = 0 . 36) at Pax P BY c1 az + Infiltration into the free surface is given by the infiltration velocity uo. 37) where ho is some height, generally a function of z, t : h, = f ( z , t). This infiltration flow takes place immediately above as well as immediately below the free surface. 38) at (the surface rises, the velocity vo points downwards). 39) aZ The potential function applying in the narrow region above and below the free surface is given by the sum of the two potentials defined by eqs.

At high Re, the effect of pre-linearity is relatively so small as to be hardly discernible. 3. 2we mentioned the hypothetical idea of several regimes of flow existing simultaneously. g. 21) where cl, cL are constants. Less clearly, the connection between the regimes is described by the relation v = k,J1Ib where k, - the (varying) value of the coefficient of permeability, B - a number in the range 1/2 S /3 6 2. 22) 62 Eqn. 22) defines the state at an Re, on the value of which depend both k, and p.

16) Substituting into eqn. 17) we see that the velocity potential is evidentIy a function whose partial derivatives in the direction of the selected coordinates uniquely determine the components of seepage velocity in the direction of those coordinates. Substituting from eqn. 15) or eqn. 18b) Both the velocity potential cp and the piezometric head h satisfy the Laplace differential equation Acp = 0, or Ah = 0, and are, therefore, harmonic functions in the region of seepage. Writing eqns. 24~) Eqn.

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