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Little Miss Toothpick Arms. " Anna curled her feet under her on the nubby fabric of an armchair. The boxy room was furnished in Early Dentist's Office but it was serviceable. Anna, barefoot, in pink sweatpants and an oversized man's shirt, surrounded by girls with Budweisers—or women that looked like girls from a vantage point of forty—had a sense of being an uncomfortable traveler in time. Even the cheap southwestern print of Jamie's sarong put her in mind of the India-print bedspreads she'd found so many uses for in her college days.

It's Tom," she said, as if admitting a tiresome fact. " "And a note. It's awful. How can you protect yourself from that? " "Yes. Thank you. He makes me forget. Ex-husband. Ex, ex, ex as in exit, finito, gone. " She put her fingers to her temples, looking as if she would have run them distractedly through her hair had not each wave been expertly coaxed into place. " Anna asked. " How could a woman not feel guilty for walking out on flowers, candy, and serenades? "I was afraid you were going to ask that," Patsy replied with an explosive sigh.

Thanks for the wine," Frieda replied as she followed Anna to the door. On the four-mile drive back to the dorm Anna found herself once again lonely for Christina and her daughter, missing Molly, missing silences that didn't chafe. Fending off self-pity, she forced herself to concentrate on the delicate scent of juniper blowing in the Rambler's window, the piles of cumulonimbus the setting sun was painting in glorious shades of peach, the glistening peaks of the La Plata mountains, still wearing a veil of winter snow.

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