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By Ven Chow, David Maidment, Larry Mays

This article is designed for a hydrologist, civil, or agricultural engineer. The textual content provides an built-in method of hydrology, utilizing the hydrologic/system or keep an eye on quantity as a mechnism for examining hydrologic difficulties.

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The relative roughness e is defined by where ks is the size of sand grains resulting in a surface resistance equivalent to that observed in the channel. 1 for open channel flow was constructed from equations presented by Chow (1959) and Henderson (1966). 12) where Ci~ 96 for a smooth-surfaced channel of infinite width and larger if the surface is rough (Chow, 1959; Emmett, 1978). 13) ~ ^ - For large Reynolds numbers, that is, in the upper right region of the Moody diagram, the flow is fully turbulent, and the friction factor is a function of the relative roughness alone.

2. Select a water resources project of national or international significance. Explain the purposes of the project and describe its main features. 3. Select three major agencies in your area that have hydrologic responsibilities and explain what those responsibilities are. 4. Select a major hydrologic event such as a flood or drought that occurred in your area and describe its effects. CHAPTER 2 HYDROLOGIC PROCESSES Hydrologic processes transform the space and time distribution of water throughout the hydrologic cycle.

A steady flow is one in which the velocity at every point in the flow is constant in time. A simple way of thinking about this is to imagine taking a "snapshot" of the flow now, and again five minutes later; if the the flow is steady, the two snapshots will be identical. 6) J —oo When this condition does not hold, the system is open. The hydrologic cycle is a closed system for water, but the rainfall-runoff process on a watershed is an open system, because not all the rainfall becomes runoff; some is returned to the atmosphere through evaporation.

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