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Winner of the magazine of the historical past of Ideas's Morris D. Forkosch prize This e-book lines the advance considered God and the connection among God's being and task from Aristotle, during the pagan Neoplatonists, to thinkers reminiscent of Augustine, Boethius, and Aquinas (in the West) and Dionysius the Areopagite, Maximus the Confessor, and Gregory Palamas (in the East). The resulst is a comparative heritage of philosophical inspiration within the halves of Christendom, offering a philosophical backdrop to the schism among the jap and Western church buildings.

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A. Wolfson, “The Problem of the Souls of the Spheres, from the Byzantine Commentaries on Aristotle through the Arabs and St. Thomas to Kepler,” Dumbarton Oaks Papers 16 (1962), 67–93. Gen. et Corr. 10 336b32–35 is another passage asserting direct action by God on the cosmos, although it too is somewhat metaphorical. , De Cael. 271a33, Pol. 1326a32); cf. Verdenius, “Traditional and Personal Elements,” 61–62. 32 Aristotle East and West In light of these difficulties there can be little doubt that, other things being equal, an interpretation that takes the Mover as efficient as well as final cause is preferable to one that takes it as final cause alone.

Does it not follow that when two persons think the same forms their intellects become identical? We touch here upon one of the ways in 17 That aisth¯esis here means act of sensation rather than faculty of sensation is shown by the subsequent examples. The doctrine of De An. 2 is itself simply an application of the general point made in Phys. 3 about the identity of the actuality of agent and patient. 36 Aristotle East and West which Aristotle’s preconceptions diverge from our own. 18 Two persons have two souls, or even two rational parts of the soul, but they do not have two intellects.

Joseph Owens, ´ “The Relation of God to World in the Metaphysics,” Etudes sur la M´etaphysique d’Aristote, ed. Pierre Aubenque (Paris, 1979), 207–28; Lloyd Gerson, God and Greek Philosophy (London and New York, 1990), 120–41. There is an extensive survey of opinions in the introduction to Leo Elders, Aristotle’s Theology: A Commentary on Book of the Metaphysics (Assen, 1972). 30 Aristotle East and West motions of the stars and planets the means by which they attain to “the best” (292b10) or “the divine principle” (292b22).

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