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Tal sprang at him like a tiger. Tal seized the pistol by the barrel. He snatched it out of Painter's hand. He hit the black-bearded man on the head with the butt. He hit him again. Painter went down, but Tal was still trying to hit him when they closed around him and took the pistol away. Someone from behind was squeezing him in a bearlike hug. His arms were pinioned tightly to his side, and he couldn't move. But he could see. His father and brave Jim Zimmer were still lying there on the ground.

Let us sing a hymn. 'Rock of ages, cleft for me . ' " Down, down, plunged the Ark toward the surface of Venus. Would her Thrust tubes hold out? Tal didn't know. LOST IN THE DARK They landed with a jolt that nearly drove Tal's teeth through his tongue. Immediately afterwards he became aware that his weight had greatly increased. A near-Earthly weight felt oddly heavy and oppressive after the light ship's gravity to which he had grown accustomed. The worst part, though, was the yelling and screaming.

Well, then, if I saved the Ark, the Ark owes me a free ride. " That did surprise them! Not one of the three said anything for a minute; just looked at him in astonishment. "I can take Jim Zimmer's place," Tal went on. " "He can fly as well as Jim," Ben put in loyally. They waited for Mr. Telford to answer. It was his word that counted. "As leader of the expedition," he began, speaking rather slowly, as though trying to collect his thoughts, "I don't have anything against it. We'd all be delighted to have you, Tal, both for your father's sake and your own.

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