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By James B. Meek

An impressive, deluxe booklet with approximately 1400 photographs, drawings and designs. Many are curious about gun engraving however the recommendations might be universally utilized. this is often an fast vintage on which no attempt used to be spared. this gorgeous booklet can provide entire guideline within the artwork of engraving. the writer spent seven years developing this unsurpassed source for hand engraving. it's a supremely specific e-book, for not just does it sweep apart the secret which has surrounded engraving throughout the centuries, however it factually, easily and in layman's phrases tells you ways to engrave. not like such a lot of so-called "instruction manuals", The artwork of Engraving doesn't suppose you recognize something approximately engraving. you begin in the beginning by means of studying to attract scrolls and layouts, then lower perform plates till you're convinced sufficient of your skill to truly continue to designing a development, shifting it for your piece and slicing it into the metal. no matter if you need to discover ways to engrave now . . . imagine you may wish to sooner or later . . . or just desire to increase your wisdom of the artwork so that it will larger pass judgement on the paintings of others (as you are going to learn how to inform the nice from the undesirable - and understand why), this is often the booklet for you. each gunsmith, bladesmith, metalsmith or craftsman - it doesn't matter what his different calling - has the soul of an artist. This own, inventive urge could be simply directed into the hugely remunerative box of engraving in the course of the training, no-nonsense directions and technical help within the artwork of Engraving.. hundreds of thousands of unique engravings, designs and layouts through the writer (plus samples from different grasp engravers) to provide an explanation for particular issues and methods. 208 tremendous good-looking 8½" x eleven" pages. Over 1378 pictures, drawings, designs, layouts and illustrations. Deluxe, hardbound textile covers. certain a different solution to lie flat. revealed on best, dull-finished, covered paper on hand.

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He uses a flat tool. the front edge of which is sharpened to a n included angle of approximately 35 degrees. After this angle is ground, the 1001 is stoned against this front edge, see fig ure 8 37 Place the edge of Ihe 1001 on Ihal part of the Slone that is nearest you. Place Ihe angle Oat on the surface of the s tone. Now raise t he back of the tool up abou t 5 degrees. Wit h a fir m pressure move the tool forward across the s tone and as you move forward drop the back of the tool down. Try to coordin a te the two moveme nts so tha t as you reach the end of the stroke, the tool is back down to the fla t from which you started.

AI the bottom of eac h die mark is a round . raised dot that is a portion of a sphere. These block s a re made of hardened die steel, and in use the s haped punch is placed in the s ize desired and s truck wi th a hammer. Th is forces the punch down over the raised dot, forming a part of a sphere in the end of the punch very si m ply and quickly. After punching, the tools are hardened. The punches a re now ready for heat treating. Follow in g is an explanation of the method that I use. Since I do not have an elect ric furnace, I use an acetylene torc h for my hea t source.

FIGURE 37 The dctail in semi-relief engraving is usually cut by hand. that is, the shading of the elements. For this an onglette, square or lozenge graver is used with the shadi ng li nes being cut one at a time. Occasionally liners are used. These cut multiple li nes in the same cut, and are made in different widths with varying numbers of lines to the inch. They are used in gun engraving to accomplish some effects that are difficult to achieve with hand tools. The ultimate is the "h igh relief" engraving in which the forms are modeled to revcal their full shape.

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