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Keep in mind perspective as you draw objects without a reference as a guide, like the dragon and goggles. It helps to sometimes draw boxes in perspective with the rest of the piece and then chisel away at the objects inside to create angular shapes before finally rounding off the details. 06 Quick Tip Sketch the outline Create a new layer named ‘Sketch’ (Layer>New>Layer). When sketching Understanding light Form shadow (or core shadow) creates the illusion of form and gives objects depth. It occurs when light fails to completely wrap around the form of something and is a gradual transition from light to shadow, with softer edges (like the cheekbone, which at first catches the light and then curves downward into shadow).

Now adjust the Roundness values to edit the existing brush shape into an oval. You can adjust the direction of the brush as well as the spacing to create different effects. Any brush can be distorted in this way, so experiment and see what works best. Paint your character Use preset brushes to ev0lve contour and texture 09 Review your progress We’ll start by selecting our flattened character colour layer. Use Chalk brushes to lay down the first indication of light and shadow in the contours of the character, then try to work with the whole figure at once to get a full sense of the lighting in the piece.

Create another layer set to Multiply, adding dark gradients on the left and right side. Apply the oval brush on a new layer to create a lens flare from the glowing hand. Use an electric, blue, small round brush to add accents to the heroine’s suit. 17 18 Use grain Create a new layer and fill it with grey, making sure it’s not too dark. Go to the Filter options and select Texture>Grain, setting Intensity to 27 and Contrast to 25. Hit Cmd/ Ctrl+Shift+U to make the grain into a uniform grey. Now set the layer to Overlay at 47% Opacity.

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