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The Anti-Imperial Choice: The Making of the Ukrainian Jew

This e-book is the 1st to discover the Jewish contribution to, and integration with, Ukrainian tradition. Yohanan Petrovsky-Shtern specializes in 5 writers and poets of Jewish descent whose literary actions span the Eighteen Eighties to the Nineteen Nineties. in contrast to their East eu contemporaries who disparaged the tradition of Ukraine as second-rate, stateless, and colonial, those contributors embraced the Russian- and Soviet-dominated Ukrainian group, incorporating their Jewish issues of their Ukrainian-language writings.

Transferring to America: Jewish Interpretations of American Dreams

This ebook makes use of contemporary psychoanalytic concept to research the paintings of 3 modern scholars--Harold Bloom, Stanley Cavell, and Sacvan Bercovitch--while viewing their paintings as expressing Jewish immigrant wishes for integration into American tradition. "This e-book will fill an incredible hole within the heritage of yank feedback and ethnic reports.

Ideology and Jewish Identity in Israeli and American Literature

Via making a discussion among Israeli and American Jewish authors, students, and intellectuals, this publication examines how those literatures, which usually don't tackle each other at once, however proportion a few commonalities and affinities. The disinclination of Israeli and American Jewish fictional narratives to gravitate towards each other tells us a lot concerning the techniques of Jewish self-definition as expressed in literary texts over the past fifty years.

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4:12-16. See also the anonymousGesta Francorumet aliorumHierosolymytanorum, ed. R. M. Hill (London,1962),pp. 1-2. SHMUELSHEPKARU 38 his audienceto the divinemission,Urbanremindedhis listenersof the deeds of the Maccabees,the Apostles,andthe saints,andthenrhetoricallyasked: to visit Whydo you declineto rescuethe Cross,the Blood,the monument; the priceof yourlives in rescuingthem?. . "8 The initial canon of the Councilof Clermontmay have spokenonly of the remissionof penance,not of forgivenessof sins.

Gittin 57b stripsthe storyof the rewardsmentionedin the Maccabeanbooks. LamentationsRabba53 on Lamentations1:16 also presentsa version of the story of the mother,now namedMiriambat Tanhum,and her seven sons. 67 64. On the verse and its meaning,see D. And He ShouldLive by Them"(Hebrew),in Sanctityof Life,pp. 69-83. 65. San. Z. 27b; Pes. 3, 21b. 66. Oneof the purposes of these narrativesis to validatethe halakhicrulings,but theirlegal implicationsneed to be deduced. 67. "R. Moreover,she writes: "Friedmann (Atlanta,1977),vol.

We have continuedto see the associationof martyrswith the nation'sbenefitsuntilthe eve of the First Crusade. 130. For example,J. B. Russell,A Historyof Heaven(Princeton,1997),p. 55; Drogeand Tabor,NobleDeath,p. 75. FROMAFTERDEATHTOAFTERLIFE 43 rewards, Thereafter,the Ashkenazitheologyof individualmartyrological which indicates a growing awarenessof the self in Ashkenazicsociety, took off. Insteadof resurrection,its innovativemetaphysicaldoctrinenow concentratedon heaven, where the entire Jewish communitycontinuedto exist as a social unit.

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