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By Sally Kempton

The sages of Tantra taught that after we persist with the trail of Shakti, the sacred female precept personified through the goddesses of yoga, we wake up the entire power of our personal internal energies. Kali, teaches Sally Kempton, could be either the main powerful—and misunderstood—goddess of all.

Kali—her identify capability “Black One”—is the unique darkish Goddess, whose hidden reward is ecstasy. She brings either fierceness and love, destruction and rebirth—and untamed braveness and freedom for these keen to totally understand and embody her many presents. during this booklet, readers are invited to discover teachings, tales, meditations, prayers, poems, mantras, invocations, and rituals to align with this cosmic strength of radical transformation.

Program Highlights
• Kali because the replicate of Our personal internal kingdom
• Kali the Blood Drinker
• the 2 Faces of the darkish Goddess
• Kali and the Ego
• Kali’s Fierce types
• Kali’s position in non secular Liberation
• Contemplation: The Felt feel of Kali on your lifestyles
• The Tantric Kali: Deity of Heroes
• The Kali lady: Archetype of female energy, Sexuality, and strength
• A Kali Asana perform
• A Contemplation on Kali’s Audacity
• The Shadow Kali
• Kali because the internal Voice of harmful Rage
• Dialoguing with Kali (a guided perform)
• Kali because the Human instructor
• A Visualization perform for delivering Your damaging trends to Kali’s fireplace
• Unlocking the Hidden Kali
• Meditation: Kali because the nice Void

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