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By Dorothy Allison

Ruth Anne "Bone" Boatwright, an illegitimate younger lady, desires of escaping her Greenville County, South Carolina, domestic, her infamous, hard-living kin, and the undesirable attentions of her abusive stepfather, Daddy Glen. a primary novel. Reprint. nationwide publication Award finalist. NYT.

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There was a blush on Mama's cheek like the shadow of a bird, polka dots on her seersucker blouse, a raised nap on her dark calf-length skirt, and a fine part in her brushed-back blond hair. Mama was beautiful in it, no question, though there was a puffiness under her eyes 42 and a tightness in the muscles of her neck that made her chin stick out. But her smile was full, her eyes clear, and you could see right into her, see how gentle she was in the way her neck angled as she looked past Glen to Reese and me, the way her hands lay open on her lap, the fingers slightly bent as if they were ready to catch the sunlight.

Uncle Earle liked Glen Waddell well enough, but like Granny he didn't think much of the Waddell family. He'd even said so to Glen's face, but the boy had just grinned at him, and that didn't seem right. Even if he didn't get on with his people, Earle believed that Glen shouldn't let anybody badmouth them. If they had traded a few punches over it, bled on each other a little and made up after, the whole thing would have felt better to Earle all around. But Glen was a quiet sort who never fought in friendly style.

He told us about his daddy, Mr. Bodine Waddell, who owned the Sunshine Dairy, and about his brothers. His oldest brother, Daryl, had lost his bid for district attorney, but his law firm was building a reputation as the one to hire if you wanted a city contract. His older brother, James, was about to open up his dental office, and starting next year we'd go to him to get our teeth fixed. "Granny says we got good teeth," I told Daddy Glen. " His eyes sank into the wrinkles of his squint, shiny as mica in sunlight, while his mouth twisted so that one side of his grin was drawn up.

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