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By Ethel Rolt-Wheeler, Austin Osman Spare

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At the Sometimes, suggestion of the evil ones, hideous blasphemies rose to my lips, and I told my rosary beads to curses, or arraigned heaven with madness of imprecation. Yet the strength that lay deeper than their power could reach never wholly failed, and at last the worst paroxysms gave place to an ecstasy of prayer, that partook too much of the violence it succeeded, that strove to clutch at heaven, but only in the hope of finding a brief respite from hell. Then I would kneel before the crucifix for days together, pressing PAST INCARNATIONS my hands 21 against the nails that nailed the feet to the Cross, from my lacerated palms; and out until the blood flowed of this pain there grew with the lapse of time an intimate mystical comprehension of His sufferings, and and my own grew my sympathies slowly widened to embrace this Crucified Figure that came to save a crucified world.

My carriage am It more over- to-night. is here. There is a room ready for you. ' There was no resisting the pressure of his invitation, his THROUGH THE MYSTIC DOORS 46 faithfulness of friendship. I consented, though quizzically, half doubtful what manner of welcome I should receive from Madame or Mademoiselle de Brissac. I supposed, of course, that Louis had married in the long interval since we had ceased to correspond, that he had children. But I was found the chateau presided over by an old butler who superintended the servants.

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