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By Mercedes Padrino Anderson

- amazing girls explores the contributions of ladies within the technological know-how and humanities, whose paths allowed them to damage gender boundaries- Lavishly illustrated with photos and memorabilia- provides inspiring snap shots of feat

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Benazir Bhutto (Women in Politics)

- striking ladies explores the contributions of ladies within the technological know-how and humanities, whose paths allowed them to damage gender limitations- Lavishly illustrated with photos and memorabilia- offers inspiring photos of accomplishment

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Cockroaches. Seething clumps of little red ants. Spiders. ” 84 When she asked her jailers for insect spray, Benazir was told she could not have it because she might use it to commit suicide. The superintendent of the prison raised the suggestion that she might commit suicide when he visited her every week, and a bottle of poisonous detergent was regularly left in her cell. Benazir was also denied proper medical attention for a gynecological problem. When her condition worsened after about a month of imprisonment, she was rushed off to a hospital in Karachi, where she had surgery—without ever being told what the surgery was for.

81 Sukkur jail is in the Sindhi desert, where temperatures climb to 120 degrees. Another of Benazir’s aides described their situation in Sukkur jail: “We were held in crumbling barracks . . ” 82 Although Benazir was also taken to Sukkur jail, the other women never saw her. She was kept in isolation in a cell without walls, only iron bars all around. q 2/23/04 1:11 PM Page 48 48 BENAZIR BHUTTO toilet or sink; she was given pails of yellowish-brown water for drinking and washing. M. Benazir recalled, “The winds blew constantly through the open sides of my cell.

Another old lady joined us, crying bitterly at times, then smiling. No one had been able to grieve for Mr. Bhutto. There had been no formal mourning period. Now people were finally able to express their grief as well as their joy over Benazir’s return. 97 For the first time, Benazir saw how many people were affected by the commitment she had made to her father to continue his work. She recalled that as she was about to leave the airport: I gripped the notes for my speech as I looked at the rickety stairs leading to the platform which had been built on the top of the truck for me to ride on.

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