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He continues to move another 5ft. within your threatened area, provoking a second attack. He casts a spell, provoking a third attack. Then he uses his partial action from haste to move out of your threatened area, provoking a fourth attack. You could have attacked him all four times. Phoenix Child [Ki] Your ki provides you with a powerful second wind. Prerequisites: Improved Unarmed Strike, Stunning Fist or stunning attack ability, Great Fortitude, Wis 13+ Benefits: When reduced to less than zero but greater than –10 hit points, you are immediately cured of enough damage to bring you back to zero hit points (disabled).

This attack must be made with your hands, so you must have one hand free. Special: Against an opponent armed with a weapon or natural weapons, using this feat always provokes an attack of opportunity, even if you have the Improved Unarmed Strike feat. Bull Charge [Fighter, General] You charge hard. Prerequisites: Speed 40ft or higher Benefits: Whenever you hit with a charging attack, you may immediately attempt a bull rush (as a charge action) on the same opponent as a free action. Channel Ki [Metamagic] You use ki to enhance your spells.

In return, you have the prestige of being formally acknowledged as a master of the martial arts, may use the school as a residence and base of operations, and the school earns you a small income (from 10gp to 100gp a month, the exact amount is up to the DM). You may call on your followers to go adventuring with you up to one week out of a month. If you call them away from the school more often, or don’t give any lessons, the school will close. If your school closes, your followers sell the property and all benefits of this feat are lost until you invest at least a month of time and a minimum of 10,000gp to reopen the school.

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