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By Celia de Anca

In the previous, neo-tribalism in a Western context has been feared as resulting in blindness or irrationality. In brand new enterprise international, tribalism represents a wide awake separation of the person ego for the nice of the group. this can be the most important to figuring out the good fortune of the main cutting edge companies within the twenty first century.

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Following the pyramid of needs, many people in the west who have had their basic needs covered are no longer motivated by an increase in salary; often, these people seek higher motivations that could help them in their development process and thus make them happier. As an illustration we can look at the attitudes of the employees in the case of “JAK Medlemsbank, Sweden: A Different Mindset for Community Lending” (see Case 1, p. 22 below). In JAK Bank, most employees stated in their interviews that they had given up on the possibility of obtaining higher salaries in order to have more fulfilling jobs.

The main global theme is the ontological understanding that all things are connected. The oldest Upanishad is the Upanishad Brihad Aranyaka, which deals with the true reality of the world and the true identity of human beings. (Stevenson and Haberman 2004, pp. 27–29). The basic understanding of human nature is the idea that the original unity is not lost, it just has adopted the appearance of a multitude of forms. In this way the Upanishad recognizes the simultaneity of unity and diversity. The goal of the Upanishad is to transcend the identity from the transitory ego-I associated with the body, to the eternal-I that is not different from eternity and from the whole of creation.

E. repaying a loan). Savings points are “used up” or consumed during the loan period. The first step for a person to acquire a loan from JAK is to become a member. The annual membership fee is 250 Swedish Crowns (SEK: 250 SEK | €27) for the primary member in a family. Other members in the same family pay 200 SEK and children (up to 18 years old) do not pay a membership fee. The second step is to open up a deposit account. If the member does not want a loan at that moment, he or she can build up his or her presavings account and start earning what is called presavings points.

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