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By Sir Edwin Arnold

Written within the type of a poetic discussion, it probes Hindu thoughts of the character of God and what guy should still do to arrive him, offering a desirable synopsis of the spiritual concept and adventure of India in the course of the a while. This variation deals the vintage English verse translation by means of Sir Edwin Arnold (1832–1904). Explanatory footnotes.

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O Part In all, and All; for all from Thee have risen Numberless now I see The aspects are of Thee! Vayu Thou art, and He who keeps the prison Of Narak, Yama dark; And Agni's shining spark; Varuna's waves are Thy waves. Moon and starlight Are Thine! Prajapati Art Thou, and 'tis to Thee The BHAGAVAD−GITA 37 The BHAGAVAD−GITA They knelt in worshipping the old world's far light, The first of mortal men. Again, Thou God! again A thousand thousand times be magnified! Honour and worship be− Glory and praise,− to Thee Namo, Namaste, cried on every side; Cried here, above, below, Uttered when Thou dost go, Uttered where Thou dost come!

Kuru Prince! I will to thee unfold Some portions of My Majesty, whose powers are manifold! I am the Spirit seated deep in every creature's heart; From Me they come; by Me they live; at My word they depart! Vishnu of the Adityas I am, those Lords of Light; Maritchi of the Maruts, the Kings of Storm and Blight; By day I gleam, the golden Sun of burning cloudless Noon; By Night, amid the asterisms I glide, the dappled Moon! Of Vedas I am Sama−Ved, of gods in Indra's Heaven Vasava; of the faculties to living beings given The mind which apprehends and thinks; of Rudras Sankara; Of Yakshas and of Rakshasas, Vittesh; and Pavaka Of Vasus, and of mountain−peaks Meru; Vrihaspati Know Me 'mid planetary Powers; 'mid Warriors heavenly Skanda; of all the water−floods the Sea which drinketh each, And Bhrigu of the holy Saints, and OM of sacred speech; Of prayers the prayer ye whisper; of hills Himila's snow, And Aswattha, the fig−tree, of all the trees that grow; Of the Devarshis, Narada; and Chitrarath of them That sing in Heaven, and Kapila of Munis, and the gem Of flying steeds, Uchchaisravas, from Amritwave which burst; Of elephants Airavata; of males the Best and First; Of weapons Heav'n's hot thunderbolt; of cows white Kamadhuk, From whose great milky udder−teats all hearts' desires are strook; Vasuki of the serpent−tribes, round Mandara entwined; And thousand−fanged Ananta, on whose broad coils reclined Leans Vishnu; and of water−things Varuna; Aryam Of Pitris, and, of those that judge, Yama the Judge I am; Of Daityas dread Prahlada; of what metes days and years, Time's self I am; of woodland−beasts− buffaloes, deers, and bears− The lordly−painted tiger; of birds the vast Garud, The whirlwind 'mid the winds; 'mid chiefs Rama with blood imbrued, Makar 'mid fishes of the sea, and Ganges 'mid the streams; Yea!

Then, O King! to God, so saying, Stood, to Pritha's Son displaying All the splendour, wonder, dread Of His vast Almighty−head. Out of countless eyes beholding, Out of countless mouths commanding, Countless mystic forms enfolding In one Form: supremely standing Countless radiant glories wearing, Countless heavenly weapons bearing, Crowned with garlands of star−clusters, Robed in garb of woven lustres, Breathing from His perfect Presence Breaths of every subtle essence Of all heavenly odours; shedding Blinding brilliance; overspreading− Boundless, beautiful− all spaces With His all−regarding faces; So He showed!

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