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By Robert P. Hausinger

In this well timed monograph, the writer summarizes the quickly becoming physique of information concerning nickel via supplying a balanced dialogue of its destructive and helpful results. assurance features a heritage of nickel; the chemistry of nickel, descriptions of the 4 recognized enzymes which comprise nickel; and nickel metabolism in microbes, vegetation, and animals. Taken as a complete, Dr. Hausinger's paintings will spotlight key good points of this significant point and support outline destiny research.

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Cotton, F. , 1980. , John Wiley & Sons, New York, pp. 783-798. Coyle, C. , and Stiefel, E. , 1988. The coordination chemistry of nickel: An introductory survey, in The Bioinorganic Chemistry oj'Nickel (J. R. ), VCH Publishers, New York, pp. 1-28. Dixon, N. , Blakeley, R. , 1980. 5). I. A simple dry ashing procedure for the microdetermination of trace metals in proteins. The nickel content of urease, Can. J. Biochem. 58:469-473. , 1990. Viability of the [Nim(SR)4 t unit in classical coordination compounds and in the nickel-sulfur center ofhydrogenases, J.

In the native enzyme, the nickel ions are not exchange-coupled in a binuclear center. A nearby histidine residue functions as a general base in catalysis. Furthermore, a cysteine residue is ionically coupled to an unidentified residue, and together they function as a proton donor during urea hydrolysis. Finally, a negatively charged group suspected to be at the active site is assigned to a carboxylate residue. Chapter 3 40 urea \ Hp ) > 1 carbamate~ 2Hp~ < Figure 3-3. Mechanism for urea hydrolysis.

1 BM at room temperature. 0023), true nickel(III) complexes exhibit anisotropic signals with significant deviations from the free-electron value. The EPR spectroscopic properties ofnickel(III) in an octahedral environment are provided as a specific example. To facilitate this discussion, energy level diagrams for compressed and elongated octahedral nickel species are provided in Fig. 2-4. In the lowest energy state, the seven d electrons of nickel(III) include three pairs occupying the lowest three orbitals and a lone electron in the next highest orbital.

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