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By Nils Ingri (auth.), Gerd Bendz, Ingvar Lindqvist, Vera Runnström-Reio (eds.)

Silicon chemistry used to be initiated in 1823 by way of Berzelius who ready elemental silicon. in lots of methods silicon used to be thought of a customary contrary of carbon, even supposing the 2 parts are heavily similar as to their digital constitution, either having 4 valence electrons. The homes in their compounds are, although, severe­ ly diverse. either shape prolonged buildings, yet in numerous methods - carbon by way of covalent carbon-carbon bonds; silicon by means of polar silicon- -oxygen-silicon bonds. The complicated carbon compounds are imperative components of all dwelling subject, vegetation and animals. The corresponding silicon compounds increase an immense a part of lifeless topic, soils and minerals. As lately as two decades in the past the name of this Symposium, "BiOChemistry of Silicon", could were regarded as contradictio in adjecto. even if, the advance within the box has, in past times fifteen years, been overwhelming and has confident us that silicon is an important point within the existence techniques, for animals in addition to for vegetation. attention-grabbing therapeutical makes use of were advised, yet we have now additionally turn into more and more conscious of severe occupational illnesses - asbestosis and silicosis - and of attainable cancerogenic results. it really is our wish that this quantity will provide a few inspiration approximately numerous elements of silicon compounds which have been mentioned throughout the Symposium.

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INGRI 28o o c. " This method of preparation supports our proposal given above that the ion Si03(OH)3- is hardly present in aqueous solutions at ordinary temperatures but may occur at high temperatures (hydrothermal condi tions ) . No X-ray crystal structure investigation, in which the isolated monosilicate ion SiO(OH)3- has been identified, has yet been performed. Even if crystals with the actual charge per silicon ratio are available, they, instead of containing monosilicate ions, seem to contain either isolated polyanions or condensed polysilicate sheets .

It is evident from Fig. 9 that an Na+ medium can decrease the solubility of amorphous silica, particularly at high Na+ concentrations. 44 mM, respectively. 4, the amorphous silica (10 moles) we started with has now been completely transformed to kenyaite or magadiite. 25 mM in pure water. 0 M NaCI04 medium the solid phase is kenyaite rather than amorphous silica. However, this is only a tentative proposal and more experiments and a better determination of Bricker's formation constants are necessary before one can be absolutely sure.

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