Download Blooming Crochet Hats: 10 Crochet Designs with 10 by Shauna-Lee Graham PDF

By Shauna-Lee Graham

Crochet a colourful hat with mix-and-match blooms!

In Blooming Crochet Hats, you'll discover a posie of styles! all the ten hats comes in six sizes, starting from little one to grownup. From the cute Scalloped Beanie to the trendy relaxed Cloche, there's a hat for everybody to make and revel in. upload a newsboy band, a sunhat brim or earflaps to provide your hat a unique glance, and as soon as you're performed, button on one of many ten interchangeable motifs to make it uniquely your personal! With an collection of vegetation, like carnation puffs and cherry blossoms, in addition to novelty designs like bears and butterflies, you'll be capable of fit your hats to any outfit or get together.

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