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By Edited by Jude McCulloch Edited by Sharon Pickering

The gathering considers the starting to be significance of the border as a main web site for legal justice task and explores the effect of border policing on human rights and worldwide justice. It covers a variety of topics from e-trafficking, baby squaddies, the 'global struggle on terror' in Africa and police actions that generate crime.

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13 The fundamental issue, therefore, of the creation of a European ‘public sphere’ seems to turn on the question of a constituent process – a process that aligns with the formation of a common language and a common sphere of public interaction. We could even state, in Durkheimian fashion, that the coming into being of such a common language may be taken as an ‘indicator’ of the real, social, ‘thick’ existence of a European Constitution. Political initiative and those social processes that may allow for the coming into being of common media of communication, of this ‘public sphere’, are brought into stark relief here.

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Public discussion about migration flows from Southern and Eastern Europe toward the Centre and the North of Europe followed a roughly similar pattern (Ferracuti, 1968). The question of ‘migration and crime’ did not, however, become a focus, especially in Southern Europe, until the 1990s (Tonry, 1997; Marshall, 1997). Moreover, Southern Europe, after the stop to immigration of Central and Northern European countries in the early 1970s, linked to the oil crisis and the transition from a ‘Fordist’ to a ‘post-Fordist’ type of economy, became an attractive destination for migratory in-flows from other continents (Calavita, 2005; De Giorgi, 2002).

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