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During this bankruptcy ve shall talk about the calculation of capability strength linked vith molecular conforaations. Raving acquired cartesian atoaic coordinates defining conforaations. and lists of intraao- cular interactions, as defined in bankruptcy three, ve are able to calculate a volume which within the chemical literature is called the complete aolecular capability power or the conforaational, steric, pressure or intraaolecular power.

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695) The rule that two contraries must be themselves genera or of the same genus or m genera which are contraries (Topics 123 B 3-12, 153 A 33-36) occurs also in Categories 14 A 19-20 where iyaBSv and Kaic6v are given as genera that are subsumed m no higher genus; this Hambruch compares with the view of Plato's pupils that the final opposites of all Being are to be equated with good and evil. ) 12 ARISTOTLE'S CRITICISM OF PLATO AND THE ACADBMY introduction of the principle of rest as a component pait of the soul (Plutaich, De Aiiimae Proc 1024 D; Hemze, Xcnokratcs, p.

Metaphysics 1035 B 15: TOVTO [jf/7, $oxfj] "W 0*""° Tl"> W"'xou and Plato, Laws 959 A-B) Many of the examples of theses against which the various topics aie recommended as serviceable weapons recall the phraseology of the Platonic dialogues, although freIWA'LI* 4 uCnt 'y * e s e definitions are strung together with Prcsociatic doctrines and popular opinions. One must, for example, object to statements which make the subject of an affection the genus ot that affection; such aie the definitions of wmd as " air in motion" (ct Cratylus 410 B), of snow as " frozen water" (Tiinaeus 59 E), o£ mud as " earth mixed with moisture" (Theaetetus 147 C), and limpedocles' definition of wine Nevertheless, Aristotle admits that such definitions may sometimes be correct; the value of the topic is diminished by the remark that in cases such as these only those definitions are to be accepted in which the asserted genus is the ptoper genus (cf.

De Amma 408 B 32 IT. , p. 429, 27); here it suffices foi the dialectician to demonstiatc that the two Academic definitions aie leally incompatible. This pait of Xenocratcs' definition, hovevei, is used elsewhere in the Topics as an example of a genus falsely attributed. If no 123 J U M * dil(z\&\tw. of the genus is applicable to the given species, the genus is not applicable eithet: foi ex> ample, neither even nor odd can be predicated of soul; consequently, numbei cannot be the genus of soul. , p 293, 10).

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