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Vasubandhu some of the most well-known Mahayana Buddhist philosophers wrote works on an enormous number of matters. this choice of translations comprises the Vadavidhi a piece on common sense the Panca-skandhaka-prakarana which bargains with the aggregates making up 'Personality'; the Karmasiddhi prakarana, which in explaining psychic continuity, additionally assaults many beneficial properties of past Buddhist psychology; the well-known Vimsalika and Trimsika, which take Buddhist psychology into hitherto unexplored components; the Madhyanta-Vibhaga-bhasya, essentially the most profound books for Mahayana cognizance; and the Tri-svabhava-nirdesa which indicates a fashion for ridding recognition of ensnaring psychological structures. A word list of key phrases is incorporated, as are the texts of these works which live to tell the tale in Sanskrit. each one translation is prefaced through an explanatory advent and is by way of notes. those contain additionally references to different Indian philosophical platforms and coffee comparisons with glossy Western mental platforms, quite the place the latter look insufficient compared to Vasubandhu's Yogacara.

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Thus, since sounds of speech are said to be non-eternal because they have arisen due to an *cf. Nyäya-sütra V, 1, 14. ** This is similar to the spurious argument based on not-having-arisen {anutpatti-samd) in the Nyäya-sütra and Nyäya-bhäsya. ) A Method For Argumentation 45 effort, it follows that, because the justification does not exist prior to its utterance, the sound is not yet non-eternal. Thus it must be eternal prior to the utterance of the justification. " To this it may be replied as follows.

58. Aksayamati-nirdesa-tikä, Tokyo/Peking Tibetan Tripitaka, volume 104. 59. Datobhümi-vyäkhyäna, Tokyo/Peking Tripitaka, v. 104, pp 54-136. 60. Bu-ston, II, p 145, says fata, but Täranätha, p 122, says Asta. 61. This is either the Saddharmapundarikopadesa, Taishö 1519-1520„ or, as Wayman supposes, Taishö 1524. Analysis, p 22. 62. Hsüan-tsang's account of the debate (I, pp 97-109) differs somewhat, though it agrees in the important detail that the Emperor Vikramäditya was present, and that Vasubandhu was not at hand to defend the Dharma.

In the argument "Sounds of speech are noneternal, because of their state-of-arising-immediately-upon-aneflfort", "because of their state-of-arising-imtnediatery-upon-aneffort" is a justification, because of the invariable concomitance of a state-of-arising-immediately-upon-an-effort' with non-eternality). There is no justification where there is no such indication of an invariable concomitance, for instance, when one says, "Sound is non-eternal, because of its perceptibility by the eye". 5. The exemplification is the specific indication of the connection of the two (event and event-associate) when one is attempting to demonstrate something.

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