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We should approach this question in the spirit of non-violence. It is impor­ tant to claim the moral high ground and speak out against stereotyping and scapegoating of any kind. U N ITED FOR A FAIR ECONOMY CHAPTER SEVE N : THE AMERICAN PALATE MYTHS AND COUNTER-STRATEGY: Shift blame COUNTER-STRATEGIES from the poor to corporations and Here we survey some of the deep cul­ tural myths that shape our views around issues of economic inequality and suggest strate­ gies for challenging them. the rich poor are to blame.

Don't worry so much about turning off the wealthy (they have the resources to defend themselves)-but definitely worry about turning off those who sympathize with the wealthy. • Where possible, honor complexity and avoid cardboard caricature. It is often too easy to just demonize the wealthy. Complexity is more true to life, more interesting and often more believable. • On the other hand, sometimes you need to forgo subtlety in order to focus people's real and deserved anger on the proper target.

Forge alliances with other cultural activists to raise conscious­ ness about this issue in your commu­ nity. top tax bracket on the wealthiest one percent of households back to its pre-1980 levels of about 60%. Aim to get the "effec­ tive rate" that the wealthy pay closer to 25% . Close the Wage Gap with a Maximum Wage. Institute a 1 00% tax rate on wages that exceed a ratio of 25 times the minimum wage. 00 the minimum wage is raised, the wealthy would keep $25. Institute Wealth Taxation. I. I information about one's income, rent, debt, tax payments, etc.

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